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5 thought-provoking TED Talks.

There are an enormous number of inspiring and thought-provoking TED Talks on all sorts of topics, from mental health, to social issues, to science. Here are 5 TED Talks that I often find myself recommending to clients, colleagues and friends. The five I’ve selected here are focused on the self, mental health and wellbeing.  Let…
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Could Single-Session therapy be for you?

Are you feeling anxious or depressed? Is stress taking over your life? Or are you going through relationship difficulties or feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you want to start addressing some of the problems you’re facing but aren’t sure whether long term counselling is the right path for you. Maybe thinking about long-term counselling is daunting or…
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Black Lives Matter – We Need to Listen

It might seem strange for my first blog post as a therapist to be about the Black Lives Matter protests. But the world doesn’t end at the therapy room door. These issues enter the room, whether it’s a client talking about their experience of racism, or a client talking about their difficulties navigating race as…
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