Clayton Elliott MNCS (Prof Accred)

Here to listen, accept and support you to tackle life's challenges.

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I am a qualified person-centred counsellor based in West Cornwall and working across the UK. I’m here to offer you a safe and confidential space to explore your feelings, personal relationships, or simply to provide an opportunity to deepen your self-understanding.
I am currently able to offer sessions either on the phone or via Zoom.

Clayton Elliott

MNCS (Prof Accred)

 I believe that with the right support, we all have the ability to move towards a more fulfilling and satisfying life. 

Although my core training is in Person-Centred counselling, I have a keen interest in other approaches, including mindfulness, eco-therapy and existentialism, which may be helpful for some people. 

Beyond the counselling room, I am a father, musician and writer. I have worked and volunteered for environmental and social organisations for most of my adult life and am the founder of ‘Counselling for Social Change’ which ensures counselling is available to those on low incomes. 

I am fully insured and DBS Checked. I’m an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society and adhere to their Code of Ethics.


How I can help

My approach is to work with the ‘whole’ person and I believe that instead of asking “what is wrong with you?” we should focus on “What happened to you, and how has that impacted your life”. I have a lot of experience of helping people work with a variety of issues including:


And more…


Telephone/online counselling

it’s not always possible to access face-to-face counselling. Whether it’s due to illness, anxiety, lack of time  or living in a remote area, phone or online counselling can provide a safe space to explore the issues you’re facing without leaving the house.

I have extensive experience of offering counselling over the phone and on secure online platforms.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and how I can help you through whatever issues you’re currently facing.

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Client Testimonials

Relaxed but professional – the perfect balance.

Clayton is a great listener & has supported me for 2 years. He makes me think about what I’m experiencing, he has helped me understand my anxiety like no one has ever done. This alone has changed my life, making me look at my emotions & my life in general differently.

If it wasn’t for Clayton I don’t know where I’d be now. Thank you.


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07967 588 038

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    NCS Register

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    Counselling for Social Change

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