Are you feeling anxious or depressed? Is stress taking over your life? Or are you going through relationship difficulties or feeling overwhelmed?

Maybe you want to start addressing some of the problems you’re facing but aren’t sure whether long term counselling is the right path for you. Maybe thinking about long-term counselling is daunting or too much of a commitment – either financially or emotionally.

Single session therapy could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Designed to provide support at the point of need, it means you could be addressing the issues you are facing in days rather than weeks.

Long term counselling has many proven benefits and is the right path for some people. However, others benefit from short term work, addressing exactly what is going in your life right now.

Also known as one-at-a-time counselling, this type of support doesn’t necessarily mean only having a couple of sessions. However, it empowers you, the client, to choose when and where you feel you need therapy. You might have one session, you might want several. And it’s up to you if and when you want to access that support again. For example, you might have one session and feel it’s enough for now. But in another month, in another six months, something else arises, and you feel like you need support again, you can book another session.

This type of flexibility is entirely client led. I have extensive experience of working with long term and short term clients and have seen the real benefits some clients gain from just one or two sessions.

Every client is different and has different needs. Please feel free to get in touch and have a chat about what might work for you. You’re also welcome to book a single session and if you feel you’d like to enter into a more long-term therapeutic relationship, then that option is also available.

Due to coronavirus, all sessions are currently either by phone or online via Zoom. However, when it is safe to do so, you will also have the option of face-to-face sessions.

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