You can book a free 20 minute consultation via my online booking page. Here you will be able to see all of my availability for the next few weeks and book a time that suits you.

You can also email me or call me on 07967 588 038.

My standard fees for individual counselling and EMDR are:

  • £45 for a 50 minute online or telephone session.
  • £50 for a 50 minute face-to-face session

Concessions are available to students and people in receipt of benefits. My concessionary rate is:

  • £30 for online or telephone counselling
  • £35 for face-to-face sessions.

Couples sessions are £60 per 1 hour session

Face to face counselling sessions can be paid for on the day. I can accept both cash and card payments.

If we are meeting online, or over the phone you can make payments before the session either via Paypal or BACS.  I will give you the payment details at our first session.

Online sessions offer flexibility and convenience. I use two systems depending on the work we are doing, Cliniko and Bilateral Base. Both are specialise for online therapy and offer encrypted, secure support. You do not need to download any software for either of these systems. They will both open in your browser. When you book an online session I will send you an invitation to our counselling session (usually the day before).

Although counselling online is very similar to being in the room together, there are some things it is important to consider. Normally when you come to see me I can make sure that the room is quiet and that we won’t be interrupted.  Although I still make sure that I am not interrupted during our session, you may need to make suitable arrangements at your end. It is really important to try and find a quiet, comfortable place that you can sit for the duration of our session without being interrupted.

It is also important to allow yourself some time after the session to just sit and reflect on the session, rather than just hop up and jump straight back into things at home. This will help you get the most out of our sessions.

Counselling is a unique experience for every client. Some people will enter into long-term counselling whilst others benefit from short-term support, addressing one particular concern that is affecting them right now. Some even come for a single session.

Saying that, the average number of sessions seems to be around 8. None of us are ‘average’ so we will review our progress as we go to see if more or less are needed.

Unfortunately, I do not work with people under the age of 16 at the moment. I have a lot of experience of helping young adults work through everything from exam anxiety, to concerns about sexuality as well as bereavements or sexual abuse.

I am DBS checked and fully insured.

Yes, I do work with couples.

Couples sessions are usually a little longer than 50 minutes to make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk and listen.

Please contact me to find a time that suits.

I currently provide group counselling to some charities across Cornwall. I am looking into the possibility of setting up a therapy group, so if this is something that you might be interested in please do get in touch.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. It is a therapy used to help people recover from distressing events and the problems they have caused, like flashbacks, upsetting thoughts or images, depression or anxiety.

EMDR is recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

It usually involves asking the client to recall the traumatic event while they also move their eyes from side-to-side, hear a sound in each ear alternately, or feel a tap on each hand alternately. These side-to-side sensations seem to effectively stimulate the “stuck” processing system in the brain so that it can reprocess the information more like an ordinary memory, reducing its intensity.